Core-glass Aryballos 6th/5th Cent BC Gold-band glass 1st cent BC/1st Cent AD

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Roman bronze 1st Cent. AD - Mildenberg Collection

I became fascinated with Ancient Art during many business visits to Mediterranean countries in the 1980's and 1990's, when, in my spare time, I took the opportunity to visit many archaeological sites and museums. Out of this grew a special interest in ancient and antique glass, both as a collector and a student of the subject and I became a member of the International Association for the History of Glass and The Glass Circle. I spent many years building up my own library of books on glass. In the process I discovered how difficult it was to find many of the important works, as they are long out of print. As a result, I decided to offer a service to academics, museums and collectors by supplying books on ancient and antique glass and have spent many years building up the stock before launching the service. I aim to be able to supply from stock most of the major titles on ancient and antique glass and to offer a free search service. In addition to glass I am gradually expanding my stock in other aspects of applied ancient art and some of these are to be found on this website.